In the Navajo culture a “Stargazer” is considered to be one of the Chosen Ones, a Holy Man, Healer, Mystic, one who would look into the sky and see beyond this world…The Valley: The breath taking view with it’s vastness unfolding into the cosmic sky is held in my vision and felt in my heart.

In complete humbleness this person stands before Great Nature’s display of Silence, Peace, and Calm. Forever the Earth is spinning, the Sun rising and setting, day to night, night to day. A dance of Creation before me as the stars swirl, the moon and comets all at play in the endless sky. The Light is bathing upon the majestic monuments in the valley.

At this moment the Transcendentalists come to mind. Nature being the teacher and healer for us all. When one stands alone before such awesome beauty it is impossible not to feel the connection with all of life. The Cuff Links: The day before coming into Monument Valley we stopped at a desolate trading post.

There they were in the case. A pair of cuff links, here in the middle of Navajo land. With further inspection the scene was that of the deep dark night sky, shooting stars, planets, all dazzling on the face of these small masterpieces of the silversmith’s elegant work.

I asked the native shopkeeper if there was a name for this style of inlay? “ Stargazer” she replied as her eyes met mine. . About to pull away, the car was abruptly put back into park. Cuff links? Would they ever be worn? Do I have a shirt for cuff links? Had to have another look. Now they sit in my felt lined box with other trinkets collected on this life’s journey.

These led me to my night in the valley looking up at the eternal scene. Inspired by the beauty of the Master jewelry maker, recognizing the lesson learned, and having a great feeling of appreciation for this precious moment. E. McD December, 2017

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