Just My Imagination Running Away with Me!

There comes a time that things just happen with little or no explanation. In all my years of taking photographs ideas just arise, sometimes they are crudely sketched out on paper, or they can remain as a constant background image that slowly develops in my mind.

They can become an exciting and emotional high. With the merging of Photoshop into my work the development of the notion that anything is possible (which I truly believe applies to everything we do, not just photography) can become a path to using imagination in an expanded way.

Images can be gathered and collected from all over, sometimes years apart. They can become pieces of a puzzle that have not yet taken shape or been assembled. As I worked on this image, what was so vivid in thought and form just could not be put into plain words. I would look at my computer screen, ponder, ask myself why and what is this and what should I name it? Then one evening while cooking dinner a song by the Temptations was playing in the background on the radio.

The song was Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me). I thought, WOW that is what is happening with me and this photo composite. So, thank you Temptations! I am borrowing your title. This composite is made of 3 images. The first is an old Victorian house on Hall Street in St. Joseph, Missouri. The second a shot of Christian Dior mannequins with different dress patterns on display at the Denver Art Museum.

Finally, the third is a set of curtains taken at the historic Callahan house in Colorado from outside the window while standing in the garden one evening.